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Unusual marbles

At this point, if you are looking at kitchen countertop options, you’ve probably seen Calacatta marble kitchens. Polished, honed, even satin and leather finishes.  You’ve seen Carrara marble kitchens.  You’ve seen engineered quartz versions by Silestone, Caesarstone and all the rest of them.  Now the sintered surfaces have taken it to another level.  Neolith, Epic, Sapienstone, Dekton, Laminam, Stonepeak, Fiandre and more are all producing incredible large format slabs of Calacatta and Estatuario marble that don’t stain or scratch.  They are in magazines, on TV, in restaurants and bars, and at your friends house, and they are beautiful.  Some are understated and some are big and bold.  Each one unique and incredible in its own way.  We’ve done them in classic old world kitchens and clean contemporary kitchens, and each one turns out better than the one before it.  If you’ve been to Italy, you’ve seen it in museums, delicately carved into sculptures but also on the countertops in the restrooms or on the floors.  To us it is the definition of classic style, always contemporary, having been used for centuries and will go on being used for centuries. I cannot recommend against this stone.

But if I was to offer an alternative in the natural stone world, there are some “new” marbles popping up.  Less used and maybe a little more difficult to imagine, but beautiful and definitely unique.  Now marble is coming out Turkey, China, Brazil, the U.S. and more, offering a wider variety than ever before. Here are 2 that are on a ship coming to us right now.  They book-match to incredible patterns.  Probably harder to match with a tile backsplash, but you can use it as backsplash too! Or go with a simpler tile than normal.


Dalmata marble slab

Panda White marble slab