Ultra-Compact / Porcelain

Ultra-Compact/Porcelain 101

Made from a sophisticated mixture of raw materials used in glass, porcelain tiles, and quartz surfaces, compact surfaces are incredibly durable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Ultra-compact surface countertops are fireproof engineered to provide maximum resistance to both heat and fire. A non-porous material, compact surfaces are also highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, and stains while providing incredible color stability, all in an extremely easy to maintain surface solution. This material is sneaking its way into the radar of customers could be the future of countertops and wall applications.

Pros & Cons
  • Heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant

  • UV Resistant

  • Color patterns are consistent

  • Expensive

  • Lighter weight, large slabs – perfect for vertical wall applications

  • Limited fabrications and installers – requires special skills and machinery

  • Limited availability due to complexity of fabrication and install