When it comes to custom-fabricated countertops, trust an Artisan.

Welcome to the Stone Store, Houston’s trusted source for countertops.  For over 10 years, we have been fabricating and installing stone in Houston’s most beautiful homes and impressive buildings.  We lead the way in bringing quartz to the market, were among the first to explore recycled surfacing and are now on the cutting edge of new countertop materials like porcelain and glass.

We have upgraded to the most up to date computer controlled machines in coordination with the most skilled artisans in order to bring the absolute best finished product to your job.  We have embraced technological breakthroughs which allow us to manufacture everything digitally, measuring with a laser, cutting with diamond saw blades and waterjet technology, and polishing with computer controlled accuracy.  We even have the amazing Slabsmith technology so you can see exactly what you are going to get before we ever cut a piece. We also have incredibly detailed people working throughout the process to ensure every last touch is perfect.

Over time, many architects and designers have found us to be a great resource for ideas and technical advice, whether planning a bathroom vanity, an entire house, a feature stone wall, or an entire football stadium.  We have the technology and precision to work on contemporary designs, as well as the old world know-how to work on elegant and elaborate kitchens with custom edges and near sculpted detail.

The starting point in all this is our diligent and honest sales staff, ready and willing to guide you in the right direction, making sure you get the product you want within the constraints of your budget and time frame.  With a short consultation, we can quickly sift through the enormous array of options out there so you can focus on the products that are truly right for you.

Whether you are a general contractor, millworker, homebuilder, architect, designer or homeowner, you are in the right place.  Come see us and let us prove we’re the best in the business!