About Soapstone

Soapstone 101

Soapstone is 100% natural and quarried from the earth just like granite and marble. It features a mineral-talc composition giving it a smooth surface. It is a very dense and durable stone that has a hardness similar to marble.

Used for years as laboratory countertops and in fireplaces, wood stoves, and ovens, it has recently made its mark with interior designers, home builders, architects, and countertop fabricators. With the ability to achieve many looks like early American or modern and contemporary design, soapstone has become a popular choice due to its unique, marbling features and flowing veins. It’s a versatile product that can be used for both sinks and outdoor applications, and its beauty is shown without the need for polishing or surface treatments. Soapstone is practically indestructible and adds elegance and enduring value to any project.

Beauty & Beyond

Soapstone comes in various shades of gray that vary from light to dark charcoal. Some have highlights of black, green, or blue. The color is dependent on where the stone was quarried.


  • Unique, exquisite look

  • Rich with dramatic characteristics

  • Solid and durable

  • Easy to repair and buff out scratches

  • Can integrate soapstone sinks


  • Very heavy – may need to reinforce cabinetry

  • Limited color choices

  • Susceptible to scratching
Soapstone Care & Maintenance

Caring for soapstone is simple. Clean regularly with warm water, a mild soap, or an all-purpose cleaner. Use a cutting board and trivets to prevent potential scratches. While soapstone is non-porous, grease and oil spills can cause discoloration in the stone so wipe up spills promptly.

Soapstone will naturally darken over time with use. This oxidation process happens with the use of water, oils and grease and creates a gorgeous patina that brings out the beauty of the stone. To help maintain a uniform patina and speed up the darkening process, mineral oil can be applied directly to the stone. This process needs to be done regularly until the soapstone reaches its full patina which may take several months. Consult with your retail associate for more information.